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Adroit 10.0.5/MAPS 4.0.5: How to use the two different drag handle types with vectors

How to use the two different drag handle types with vectors

Previously on vectors you would see both the control drag handle and the vector nodes drag handle at the same time.

As of Adroit 10.0.5 / MAPS 4.0.5, you will only see one type of drag handle at a time. To switch between the two types of drag handles merely re-select the vector again to toggle between the two types of drag handles.

The vector nodes drag handles have also been changed to a circle-like appearance to distinguish them from the control drag handles. For the vector nodes drag handles we have also added four additional vector nodes drag handles (left, right, top, bottom) to be able to resize the vector vertically or horizontally without using the corner vector nodes drag handles to do this.

Both drag handles have the following appearance and effect on vectors:

  • Control drag handles: This will resize controls and vectors, For vectors this will apply scaling to the vector .i.e stretch, shrinking. This will also stretch/shrink text as well if the TextScaling property of the vector is false.


  • Vector nodes drag handles: Besides moving nodes on polylines or splines, this will also resize the vector without performing any scaling to the vector itself. This will merely changes the size of the vector. Text will also keep their size and appearance and not stretch or shrink.


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