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Adroit 8 EMS Firewall

I have an EMS System running.

The EMS Server and one gateway is on the network of shaft 1.
The new Gateway with Sensors is situated at a different shaft with its own IP range.
the 2 systems are linked with a firewall.

I have opened the port in the firewall 502 bi-directional. i also opened the ISMP for pinging the device.
On Adroit I can ping the device but I keep on getting Read Errors. It show the data is being sent on the gateway (RX & TX) but no data is received by the Agent Server.

What settings can still be wrong or ports need to be opened on the firewall?

Device communication are very specific to the type of driver being used. Even if the device responds to ICMP (Ping) requests, the routing and firewall access for specific drivers ports could still be preventing communication.

To start with troubleshooting:

  1. What Device Driver is being used?
  2. When the device is started, run the “Driver Monitor Launcher”.
  3. Select the device and click on “Monitor”.
  4. Choose the “Datascope” option (press 1)
  5. The data scope will provide a live view of the current driver communication and detailed error messages
  6. If the data scope provides HEX output, press “A” in order to convert to ASCII (more readable)
  7. To log these messages to an HTML file press H