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Adroit AREC Agent - 1-Dimensional 32Bit (double-word) array scanning

Adroit AREC Agent - 1-Dimensional 32Bit (double-word) array scanning

The article intends to provide the Adroit User with an alternative method of scanning a bit-array to Adroit SCADA from a PLC (or another intelligent device).

Bit arrays can provide an extensive amount of Plant information, via the FED (Front-End device).
The most popular Bit arrays are 1-D (one dimensional), being a 1 (rows) x n (columns) in size.

Some examples of Bit arrays vs agents being used:
1x1 -> Binary (or Digital) Agent
1x16 -> Marshalling Agent
1x32 -> AREC Agent

Other agents that can be used to accomodate\generate Bit arrays:
Expression Agent
Script Agent

In this demonstration, we will be using a Melsec-iQ-F FX5 PLC, connecting to Adroit SCADA via SLMP 3E frames Ethernet-based communication.
Note that the PLC and the communication protocol are irrelevant in demonstrating this concept.
Two words (16Bit each) are being scanned consecutively.
A set of counter functions in conjunction with a pulse-train generator is used to generate two integer values (Decimal), and then being converted to Bit arrays (in both the PLC and SCADA)

Herewith is a diagram depiction showing the registers being applicable on the FX5 PLC, being scanned into Adroit, and then extracted into a Bit array within the AREC Adroit Agent.

The following video demonstrates the values scanned and extracted into bit arrays in Adroit SCADA.

The following resources are available for download:
Adroit SCADA sample program:
Adroit AREC Bit array 32-bit scanning.zip (33.4 KB)

Melsec iQ-F PLC sample program:
Adroit AREC Bit array 32-bit scanning.gx3 (557.2 KB)

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