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Adroit Basic Expression Examples

The Expression agent can create powerful user-defined calculations.
It functions by gathering data from other agents, or from the plant directly by scanning into slots V01 to V20, and performs a user defined mathematical transformation to calculate an output value.

Below are some basic examples on the functionality of Adroit Expressions, attached with a video:

Example 1: Expression Example for a Simple pulse every second, the value slot should turn on and off based on trigger.


(795) Adroit SUI Expression1 1sec Pulse - YouTube

Example 2: Expression Example for a basic comparison
If V01 is equal to 4 and the V02 is greater than or equal to 8 , make the output 1 else it should be 0

(795) Adroit SUI Expression2 Comparison Example - YouTube

Example 3: Expression Example - Simple Logic
If V01 is not equal to V02 then make output 0 else 1


(795) Adroit SUI Expression3 Simple Logic Expression - YouTube

Example 4:Expression Example for Arthmetic calculation

If V01 is equal or less than V02 and V03 is equal to 0 set the Value slot equal to 1 else make it 0


(795) Adroit SUI Expression4 Simple Arithmetic Example - YouTube

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