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Adroit Bulk Configuration


Bulk configuration refers to the process of simultaneously and efficiently applying settings, preferences, or changes to multiple devices or systems. Whether it’s network devices, software applications, or hardware components, bulk configuration simplifies the setup process, reduces human error, and saves invaluable time.

The versatile capabilities of Adroit extend to managing bulk configuration seamlessly. With the assistance of the Adroit Excel add-in tool, you gain the ability to modify values, settings, devices, and more effortlessly. Empowering you with a user-friendly interface, Adroit simplifies the process of making changes in bulk and optimizes your configuration management experience.

Bulk Configuration

You can convert configuration data from Agent Server load files (.WGP) to comma-separated variable files (.CSV) by using the Export command in the File menu or the configurator’s Edit dialog. This allows you to make modifications offline with third-party applications before re-importing the data back into an Agent Server load file. It’s a convenient way to manage and customize your configuration data.

MS Excel Add-in Tool

Adroit provides an Excel Add-in Tool that helps with bulk tag configuration. This tool is designed for advanced users and allows offline configuration of your Adroit agent database file. It not only serves as a bulk SCADA configuration tool but also offers additional features. With the Adroit Add-in for MS Excel, you can configure security and auditing properties for agents and their slots, generate reports displaying Adroit Agent Values, and view historical data for logged tags. It’s a powerful tool that enhances your configuration and reporting capabilities in Adroit.

MS Excel Add-in installation: MS Excel Add-in Install