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Adroit CUI - Project Loading \ Restoration \ Getting Started

Adroit CUI - Project Loading \ Restoration \ Getting Started

The following procedure applies when restoring an Adroit CUI project.

First some considerations:
• The Adroit CUI SCADA version must be the same (e.g. Adroit 7 project wont work on an Adroit 8 installation).
• Also the HASP or Software license must be valid.
• If you have 3rd party licensed device drivers installed (e.g. Siemens or Allen Bradley PLCs) – these must be installed again.
• If the file paths in the mimics are specified (e.g. execute commands or navigation), then the project folder needs to be restored as it is was (in the same path).

These are the software items that will be used:

Step 1: - Classic Adroit Setup
Do the psexe.exe configuration.
Specifically: Agent Server, UI Preferences and Drivers
(other aspects also if configured (such as UI Connection, Eventlog)


Step 2: Agent Server
Run Agent server – and ensure that your .wgp file loads without any error.

Step3: Adroit CUI User Interface:
Run the Classic Interface

           On the CUI – open the Agent Configurator:
                            Check your HASP license:


            Check Driver devices – being loaded:


Step4: Psexe.exe (Configuration Setup) – confirm healthy driver devices:
From here – everything should be operational.