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Adroit CUI Utilization Essentials for absolute beginners

This topic focusses on the Adroit CUI utilization for absolute beginners. The aim is to streamline the steep learning curve to the minimum amount of learning information for quick and efficient absorption of important concepts.

CUI – Mouse Utilization
Two most important input tools are a keyboard and a mouse (or other pointing input devices).

The mouse buttons generally have the following functionality on the CUI environment in mimics (which is the most common window to work on).

These are summarized as follows:

CUI – The General Toolbar

The General toolbar will be the most used toolbar in Adroit CUI. On it many of the most essential commands are button embedded. However, not all commands are equally valued and utilized.

Some are more important than others. This distinction is especially important for the absolute beginners:

CUI – The Main Menu and the Project Windows
Since more than one window can be opened in the CUI at the same time, the user can access any of them at any time via the Window Menu entry.

In addition, the entire menu bar can be hidden to increase the workspace size. Below some details:

CUI Based Project File types
In a standard CUI Project – many file types will be used and be available, which will collectively, and holistically, make up the project set.

The following files will become the most commonly used and most important file types (categorization based on the file extension details);