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Adroit Lite IPC Bundle - AMA and SQL Functionality

For the purpose of clarity and faster information gratification - herewith a short article pointing the DB logging functionality, AMA and SQL accommodation of the Adroit Lite IPC Bundle - amongst other features and functionality.

First, the standard Hardware specifications of the IPC applicable:
The following models apply:

The Hardware specifications:

Adroit SCADA has the following Generic Hardware specification requirements:

Adroit Lite has the following functionality – particularly relating to Datalogging and database accommodation:

SQL Server Express has the following specification requirements:

For a more specific and detailed Hardware specifications – the following is applicable:
For Server machines:

For Client machines:

More information about the Adroit HMI Mode – inherent features, functionalities and specifications:
The legend applicable:

The following Advanced Agents applies: (refer to the legend above):

As for the Data Logging types: