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Adroit Navigation for Beginners

Project Tree and Graphic Forms

Project Tree

Projects manage the creation, opening and storage of graphic forms and wizards, which can be organized through the creation of folders and sub-folders. All the contents of the folders and sub-folders are accessible through the Enterprise manager as well as DataSource’s and Management.

Graphic Forms

Graphic forms have various different functions such as “Save” and “Run” which allow you to modify
and optimize your graphic form.

On top of the screen the ribbon should be accessible. Through the ribbon you will have access to
different options such as:

  • Home
  • View
  • Configuration
  • Diagnostics & Tools
  • Project
  • Design
  • Behaviors
  • Shapes Wizards & Examples

Some of these options are more complex the others. The most basic is:

  1. Home

  2. View

  3. Configuration
    The Configuration tab allows you to configure settings within your project such as: Backup and Restore functionality, Setting up the Operator, Setting up the Designer, Setting up the Server, Driver Configuration and Agent Server Configuration. These configuration settings can also be
    changed in the Adroit Config Editor application.

  4. Design
    Whitin the design tab there will be multiple tabs that are only accessible when you have a graphic form opened:


These are:

  • Project
  • Design
  • Behaviors
  • Shapes Wizards & Examples

These tabs will allow you to edit/add/change things within your graphic form such ass adding static
graphics or behaviors

Windows are tabs that you can view through using the View tab on your ribbon. There are various
different windows you can add to your page that will allow you to edit vectors, labels etc. These windows are windows such as Contents and Properties.

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