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Adroit Objects, User Elements and Wizards


This article is intended to provide some basic information required to be processed prior to the designing of graphics in the CUI of Adroit. Upon the understanding of these concepts, the user will be better equipped in the designing process of graphics.

UI Objects

UI Objects are graphic elements that are placed on the pictures (mimic) files, with the intention to interact with the operating user for information transition purposes.

There are essentially two kinds of UI Objects, being user elements (user-defined) and wizards (found in the Adroit Wizards library. It is also worth mentioning that the user can create custom user-defined wizards.

Both User Elements and wizards can be static and dynamic. A UI Object is dynamic if it doesn’t interact with the Agent server (agent tags), to present information, and is referred to as animation. A Static UI Object is merely for presenting unchanged information, such as labeling and other cosmetics.

As mentioned before, mimics (picture files) of an Adroit CUI SCADA system, forms the foundation for the accommodation of Object-Oriented Graphics.

These are split into two kinds. The more common kind is the vectorized kind (digitized picture elements). That said, another option (less popular) is to import predefined pictures (such as bitmaps), into the user interface.


As stated, this article is a basic summary of UI Objects. With these points concluded, and the factors distinguished, the user ought to have a better understanding of what is available, and thus can proceed with graphic designs and animation on the picture mimics.