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Adroit Report Suite Known Issues

The following known issues affect the deployment and running of the following specific reports:

  1. When deploying reports using the Deployment Utility, certain report packs may show that they have been deployed (the report pack icon displays a green tick) when in fact they have not.
    CAUSE: The deployment status of a report pack is determined by the existence of its relevant folder on the Report Server, which may be empty and not contain any reports at all.
    WORKAROUND: If you do not see a pack of reports listed in the Home page of the Adroit Report Suite on the Report Server (accessible by running the ‘Adroit Report Suite’ shortcut) then deploy this report pack regardless of its specified state.
    In future versions the Deployment Utility will no longer display this deployment status of a report pack and simply allow you to deploy the report packs that you need.

  2. When running the ‘Adroit Report Suite’ shortcut you can sometimes receive the following error when opening Internet Explorer: Reporting Services Error : The permissions granted to user ‘XXX\YYY’ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)
    CAUSE: The currently logged on user does not have sufficient permissions to run the Report Server.
    WORKAROUND: Run Internet Explorer as administrator when connecting to the Report Server, as follows:
    a.) Do not close the current instance of Internet Explorer.
    b.) Right click the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar and right click the Internet Explorer item at the bottom of the displayed menu and select the ‘Run as administrator’ option.
    c.) Copy the address from URL from the initial Internet Explorer into the new admin instance of the Internet Explorer.

  3. The ‘KPI Summary’ report of the OEE report pack can sometimes display the following error "The ‘RecordType’ parameter is missing a value."
    CAUSE: The KPI Summary report only reports back on shift data (RecordType=3) and not on the current running data. Therefore if no Shift data (recordType 3) is returned for the period selected, this error is returned.
    Note: This RecordType parameter is hidden and cannot be selected when viewing this report.
    WORKAROUND: Ensure that the OEE agent has been configured with a Shift agent and that Shift data (recordType 3) has been logged for the required period before viewing this report.

  4. The ‘Configuration Summary’ and ‘Incident Configuration Detail’ reports of the Alarm Management report pack can sometimes not return any data.
    CAUSE: These reports rely on a table called “Adr_AM_AlarmConfigurationDump”, which is only created when one exports the Alarm Management configuration.
    WORKAROUND: Open the Alarm Management agent configuration dialog and click the “Export alarm cfg” button before viewing these reports.

  5. A general issue affecting all the reports: it is not always possible to manage the errors generated by the reports. For instance, if a dataset fails it can result in cascading dataset failures with multiple return errors.