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Adroit SCADA interconnection with Melsec iQ-F PLC - via Modbus TCP - for Real value scanning

Adroit SCADA interconnection with Melsec iQ-F PLC - via Modbus TCP - for Real value scanning

The following procedure is intended to provide some basic information on how to extract Real values from an FX5 PLC - over the Modbus TCP (Ethernet) communication network.

PLC Side - GX Works3
Here the Real value generator is being applied (under global data) and a storage register of D32 is used to store Real Value.

In this real register - a value is being generated.

SCADA Side - Configuration Setup
From the psexe.exe application - the adroit configuration, a driver device is being created to accomodate this communication connection.

The FX5MBTCP driver is used. Add a PLC Station ID, TCP\IP address and a PLC Port Number.
Most importantly - access the Modbus Ethernet Settings and Turn ON the “Turn SWAP Floating-Point Word Order”.

Exit and Save the psexe.exe setup.

Now start the agent server. Ensure that it starts up correctly - and no errors are perceived.

Adroit SCADA - User Interface;
Access the Adroit Agent Configurator, create a Real value. Scan it under the device driver created.
Notice the Modbus TCP address storage register format. In this case, we will be scanning 400033 F.
The 33 value is due to the fact that we are scanning a value from the D32 register on the PLC.

The F refers to Float. This is a Real (single precision) value.

The Test
From this point onwards the Real value should be scanned into the Agent Server. This can be seen from the Agent Configurator.

From here this value can be used in the Adroit UI as required.

Procedure \ Operation demonstration video.
A full video - demonstrating this above process can be found below:

Additional Resources:
SCADA Program Sample:
SCADA side (2).zip (76.5 KB)

PLC Program Sample
Melsec iQ-F to Adroit10 - ModbusTCP connection.gx3 (564.7 KB)