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Adroit SCADA - Multiple Monitors on Server or Client

Adroit SCADA - Multiple Monitors on Server or Client

In this article, we will be looking at information and methods on how to connect multiple monitors to an Adroit SCADA server or client.

In order to accommodate multiple monitors to an Adroit SCADA (server or existing client) - no additional licensing is required.
As mentioned, this can be done on both servers and remote clients.
The following applies:

Adroit SUI - Multiple monitors
In connection with the information required for the configuration of multiple screens on an Adroit 10 SUI Server or Client.

  1. How to design a graphic form to cover multiple monitors (multiple screens) HERE

  2. Launching the Smart UI Operator across multiple screens with timer delay using .bat file HERE

  3. How to open multiple Operators across multiple screens HERE

Adroit CUI - Multiple monitors
In connection to our earlier discussion – regarding to the workspace setup for the multiple screens;

The following literature is applicable. (Mainly for Classic UI)


So in in short – if you wish to use 3 different CUI shortcuts – and use the correct naming conventions with the following post-fixes;
/w: left
/w: centre
/w: right

Then open each one of them;
Position the user-interfaces to their respective screens
Open the required mimics, trends and alarms on each.
Save their workspace.