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Adroit SCADA to FX5U PLC - Interdevice communication - some notes

Just a short write-up on some tips in connecting an FX5 PLC to Adroit SCADA in terms of driver selection, and configuration.
This is for inter-device communication.

First – the communication protocol that you will use would be the SLMP communication protocol on the FX5 (GX Works3 side). (which is the 3E frames communication protocol on Adroit side)

The driver version details are as follows:

An example of the settings are as follows:

Herewith is the device diver manual:
mitqje71.pdf (606.6 KB)
(it must be pointed out that this driver is optional for download - as the driver comes installed standard with the installation of Adroit SCADA

Herewith is a small video:

Herewith are the example programs:
SCADASampleCode.zip (12.0 KB) PLCSampleCode.zip (548.0 KB)

Herewith are the driver .dll files (if necessary)
mitqje71.zip (674.0 KB)