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Adroit SUI \ CUI - Bulk PLC storage address register data extraction via SCADA

Adroit SUI \ CUI - Bulk PLC storage address register data extraction via SCADA

On rare occasions, it is possible that a PLC program cannot be accessed via the programming port. Whilst a SCADA cannot access the program logic via its connection to the PLC program for data inter-transition, it is still possible for the SCADA to bulk access the stored values in the PLC.

These stored values can come in various forms - however, the most critical information would be retentive data, which stores recipe values as well as parameter coefficients and other setpoints. This information is critical to have and to be used in conjunction with the PLC program logic when it comes down to PLC CPU migration transition to a new PLC system, as this set of information can save huge quantities of project finetuning, simulation, and commission time.

Next a simple demonstration of this concept - presented in four steps:

Step 1: Linking to PLC - Configuration Setup

  • Here we will gain access to the PLC via a suitable driver device to the AS.
  • In psexe, create .wgp file. Browse to the storage folder.
  • Create a driver device. Enter the IP address \ port number, ensure ping.
  • Exit. Start AS.

Step 2: Exporting of Tags and Devices

  • Create one tag, and scan it to the device.
  • From here successful scanning of this one tag will show a green-gear status on the configuration setup (psexe)
  • Export the tag (in this case analog) to a .csv file.
  • Export the driver device (in this case FX5) to a .csv file

Step 3: Bulk Scanning Using MS Excel

  • Open the analog .csv file and create the extra tags
  • Open the device .csv file, and the analog tags, and create the register addressing
  • Open the AS, import analog files (save the file as an analog.wgp)
  • Load agents – select the analog.wgp file
  • File entries will appear in AS. Save file
  • In AS, click on a tag, click scan.
  • In scan tag window that opens - click import
  • Select the device file (.csv) (Altered earlier)
  • Scans will complete. Save AS.
    Exit AS

Step 4: Extract PLC stored and scanned values to .xlsx

  • After the values are being scanned from the PLC to the .wgp file, open the AS save it.
  • From there click on File > Export to .csv file
  • Open the .csv file, save as an .xlsx file, and then edit in accordance with requirements
  • Save the file.

As can be seen – Adroit SCADA can be successfully applied to extract data stored on PLC device addressed registers, in a Bulk sense.

This set of data can be used in conjunction with the applicable PLC program logic for project restoration.

The main gain of this method is saving time in value extraction, as well as saving project application time, holistically.

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For additional bulk configuration functionality including scanning, logging and alarming also refer to the Excel Addin that is shipped as part of additional utilities: Excel bulk configuration tools