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Agent Scripting -To calculate New date using agent tags

I am issues with the Get Tag and Set Tag in my adroit script when i compile i have a object required ‘Adroit’


Hey, screenshot didn’t upload, please upload again

Please find the screenshot apologies

I believe that all code needs to be part of function because later you pick function/sub to execute in script tag configuration. Try encasing stuff that you want to execute into Sub something
End Sub

Also, remember that msgbox will only work in case you use adroit classic. If you need some kind of response, I would consider setting information into string tag and display it in Ui

Thank you its successfully complies , the only issue is the Set Tag does not update the Value , when the script is running

  1. What is the tag type
  2. Where the tag is used otherwise
  3. Screenshot please configuration of script tag and code itself in current state please