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Agents - Description field Language

I try to load agents from WGP which include greek characters in the dscription field. The import was successful but the description contain wrong characters.

What to do to solve the problem?
Thank you.

You should also have locale of system set to language that you are importing and launching agent server with. Try deleting and reimporting after switching locale of system and restarting windows completely.
Otherwise you can try modifying these in bulk using excel add-in

Hello Damiand, the system locale is already in Greek (Greece). I changed and reboot the pc before the import of the wgp file.

Also, I try with the excel add-in but the problem remain (see below)

Does the “Description” tag display correctly in the Operator and Designer when used in a “Display Value” behavior?

Hi Frits, can you help a little bit more, because i can not find the “Description” tag.

The description field in the Configurator (as part of the header of each agent) correlates to the agentDescription slot. To display any slot, you can just type it in, for example datasource.agentname.slotname. So an example for agentDescription on the Adroit datasource looks like Adroit.MyAgentName.agentDescription.

To make header slots visible in the Enterprise manager, right click on the Adroit data source name and select “Include Header Slots”:

You are then able to browse to the slot and select it as well

Frits, thank you for your quick reply. I follow the steps but the description tag display the same wrong characters

Hi Dimitris,

Adroit does not support unicode characters but we do support UTF-8 character sets.

We have tested this on a Greek windows 10 operating system and all characters are working as expected.
It is important to note that characters used by the operating system as list separators should never be used in agent names or descriptions.

See below for the character set used in this test:


Hi Ane, thank you for your help. I change the character set to UTF-8 and the problem solved. All characters display correctly.