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Allen Bradley CIP Route

I am new user in Adriot I have a Control Logix I want to setup the driver but do not know what the CIP route is where can I find that because if I set it up the device does ping successfully I cannot read any tags

Hi Ruan,

You did not mention the type of Control Logix plc you are using, if you plug directly into the built in ethernet port, the CIP route is not needed. As per the documentation the CIP route is used in multidrop situation where the first plc acts as a gateway. Leave it Blank.
Please refer to section 5.1 in the attached pdf (Adroit Version 10.0.3), you may also find a copy in the Adroit root directory usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adroit Technologies…”
ABTCP.pdf (484.2 KB)

Open the device configuration.

  • If you are not using a 1761-NET-ENI communication card, make sure the “Use 1761NetENI” check box is off.

  • Make sure your IP is correct and the PLC can be pinged from the Scada server, ping from a command window or use the button provided in the setup dialog.

  • Close the setup dialog, to commit the changes to the offline registry.

  • Open the diagnostic datascope window, select 1 for datascope, there may be valuable information on this screen.

  • Wait for a few retries for the device to enter a dynamic reconfiguration step which will reload the registry which holds the offline change you just made via the configurator the Registry that contains the change(s) you just made. Or - Restart the Agent server to make SURE the offline settings are loaded at startup.

As a side note: the configuration dialog does provide a “Test device config for connectivity” Section if there is no existing Agent server running with device and scanned tag. Use it to test for communication, it will pop up a datascope as part of its operation.
This test instance will cease and close down when closing the configuration dialog.

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