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Anti virus software - Supported and Unsupported

Although the SmartUI and Agent Server works with various Anti Virus packages, support and testing is done on the Microsoft anti virus platform: Microsoft Security Essentials

  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (supported)

Notably however, the following Anti Virus packages are NOT supported as there are various features that interferes with the correct working of the SmartUI and/or the Agent Server or network communication:

  1. Kaspersky Anti Virus (not supported)
  2. Symantec Anti Virus (not supported)
  3. Fortigate with stateful packet inspection enabled (not supported)

Please note that any Anti Virus product that provides “In-Process” or “Stateful” or “Real-time process/network” inspection per process, need to have these features disabled for all MAPS/Adroit processes. These often interfere with critical timing in the automation processes and can result in unreliable and unpredictable behavior.

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Kaspersky Antivirus has now been informed to add the applications to the “Application Whitelist”. In theory Kaspersky should now function correctly with the Agent Server and SmartUI.

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Unluckily, Kaspersky again is deleting dll’s in 10.0.5. Please be aware.