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Auditing - who has changed what?

To view more information on the Audit trail of changes, the Audit Agent and Operator Auditing can be used.

Operator Auditing

Value changes can be logged to a database by enabling Auditing in the SmartUI:

  1. Enable Auditing and Specify a Database:
  2. Audit events will be logged to this table in the database:
  3. Auditing needs to be configured for every slot (i.e. Agent.Tag), the Enterprise Manager or Excel can be used:


NOTE: Operator Auditing will log the actual username that is logged in to the Operator to the Database
NOTE 2: If an external database is not specified, the Audit Events will be logged to an internal database. To view these events a sample graphic form is provided in the System Information Project


Audit Agent

The Audit Agent can be used to log value changes from an Agent Server perspective.

  1. First specify a Database connection. We will update the Global Connection String which is used by various agents if a database is not explicitly set. This can be done in the Advanced Agent Server configuration:

    The Audit Agent will log any changes to this database in these tables:

NOTE: The Audit Agent will log any value change, but will use the user which is running the Agent Server to provide user details (for example the user under which the Service is running will be logged in the Database)

More information on additional auditing options can also be found here: ADROIT/MAPS Auditing