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Cant add alarm to defaultAlarmAgent

Hi all, I am trying to add some new alarms. However I am not able do so. When I click on “off” or “on” nothing happens in Alarming window.

There are two concepts to consider. Both are described in detail in the product documentation.

  1. Alarming of an agent

The alarming of an agent is done on the agent itself. It does not necessarily require its own _alarm designation as a separate agent. For example, if I have a flow meter that measures flow called FLOW_1, the alarming should be done on the same agent, a new _ALARM agent is not necessary.

To alarm the agent, click on the alarm type (such as ‘On’ in the above screenshot. Then click on the << to move the alarm type into the active alarms for that agent.

Bulk configuration of any agent, including alarming can be done from the Excel plug in as well.

  1. Alarm types

The types of alarms for each agent is contained in the alarm agent itself. The ‘defaultAlarmAgent’ contains predefined alarms for all other types of agents. Only for the creation of new alarm types the defaultAlarmAgent or a new Alarm agent should be edited.

Both of these topics are described in more detail in the product help documentation (press F1 in the Designer).