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Cant see categories in Alarm Management

Hello all, I am not able to see categories in Alarm Management agent window. I have added an AM agent “Test_AM”.

In the left side, that’s a snapshot from Help document.

Are these 2 AM agents? Only 1 will work.

Hi Damian,

No I have only one agent.


It says Not Connected at th

e bottom. But database connection was tested okay.

Hi Shrinivas1,

Let’s go through the steps and possible causes.

General note
*Please note the discrepancy between the two screenshots, “Historical alarm Mode” that is not available on your screen, which indicate that you have a valid Alarm Management license. I would like to highlight an important feature in this context though;

“Historical Alarm mode” option limits the functionality of the alarm management agent but does not require an active license. The main limitation is that categorisation is not available. It is not advised to switch back and forth between these modes as underlying data objects are removed and could cause an incompatible database.

Please refer to the header slots for “transaction” or “connection” errors. This should help to identify possible issue.

Alarm Management agent is connected to a backend database, as referenced in the connection string. Unfortunately the OLEDB test connection is not that thorough, it simply opens and closes a connection and does not attempt to read or write to the database object. Which potentially could disguise database role limitation for the user.

Tip: Any possible communication interference between the agent server and database will result in your scenario with a connection error flag. This includes firewall, antivirus, packet sniffers etc To test; open SQL server management studio and open a connection to the database using the same credentials.

When the connection string is modified, ensure that you disable the agent first, which will ensure a database disconnect. Update the connection and re-enable the agent. In some instances, an agent server restart is required.

Tip: Create a new database and point the connection string to the database, restart the agent server. Click on learn alarms and learn events.

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Hi Hugo, I deleted old AlarmManagement agent, created new one. Deleted old DB, created new DB. I still cant see any categories.

Hi Shrinivas1,

Can you share the “header slots” with me by clicking on the “Header” button. Are there any indication of transaction or connection failure?

When you enable the agent, the agent should create the database objects, like tables and views. Are there any objects created in your new database? (Open SQL Management Studio, connect to the database and expand the table node).

Either from you SQL Management studio object explore, navigate to the Management node and expand until you see SQL Server logs. Open the current log and review for any pertinent failure.

You can also view the windows event log for any specific transaction failure.

What is your OS regional settings and language, does this correlate with the SQL version and coalition?

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the reply. I checked the SQL Server Logs, I could see many logs like “Password did not match”. However the password that I provided was right.

Later I changed 1 setting, in the Data Link Properties window I selected “Allow Saving password” and it solved that issue. Crazy.