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Change a tag's value automatically when the alarm is active

My problem
I want the tag to automatically change when the alarm is active
I wanted to do it with VBscript, but I could not find a related example
There is a way I can do this except for the script
By helping you with this
thank you

Hi @hikmetkucuk
You don’t need to use scripting, instead You can use either expression agent for numerical change and multistate agent for digital change.
So, firstly, when alarm is active there are status bits for every agents:

So, if You want to set analogue value based on some alarm status, simply create an expression agent, make the statusbit of alarmed agent Your trigger of this expression, and inside expression define the change. Here is an example:

For digital, here is a similar example with multistate agent:

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hi @damiand

I solved the problem like this
Thank you for your help