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Configuring services for Delayed Start

[Note - this article only applies to specific cases where there is undesirable behaviour after a Windows reboot when the MAPS/SmartUI applications need to run after startup]

On certain hardware and operating system configurations, when Windows is rebooted and MAPS/SmartUI is configured to run at startup, certain Network services (and other required Windows Services) do not start before the MAPS/SmartUI applications startup. This results in undesirable behaviour, as the MAPS/SmartUI services require these services in order to run.

In these cases, the MAPS / SmartUI Services can be configured for “Delayed Start”, which means that they will be configured to start later in the Windows Boot Cycle when other services have already finished starting up.

To Configure Delayed Start, the “Startup Type” in Windows Services can be changed from “Automatic” to “Automatic (Delayed Start)”.


This can be configured for the MAPS Server/SmartUI Server/Agent Server services.