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Creating An Operator Text Box

I am looking to create a graphic form with a text box that operators can enter notes about the system.
Ultimately we want to have a notes section for each piece of plant.
I have tried attaching a Rich Text Box to the Valueex slot of a string agent. by using a bind value behaviour I can then write text to the Valueex slot of the string agent.
However if I then log off and reopen the page the text is no longer displayed in the text box.

I would like the notes to be read from the Agent when the page opens, the operator can then edit the notes, then the notes can be resaved to the Agent.

Is there a better way to achieve this functionality?

Hello Edward,

You’re on the right track by using a Rich Text Box and bind value to the String agent.
Please check configuration of the Bind Value as per images below;

  1. Bind Value – To and From Control Property.

    Note: We used “Validated” function, but this can be changed depending on the requirements.

  2. Create “Accept” button below the Text Box and configure Operator Action to Save wgp file as indicated below.

  3. This will make sure that your new text is saved in the String Agent valueex slot.



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You need to also add “save adroit datasource” special function in order to keep the data during power outage/ shutdown

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Thanks the notes function is now functioning as expected. With reference to Damian’s comment

I cant see an option for “save adroit datasource” is this the “save” (3rd from Bottom) on the special function list or is it another function ?

Exactly that one. You can trigger it using special function spider - pick it from the list, then right click on the top bar of the spider -> trigger spider from event and as the event pick a button click or something similar that you will draw on the screen