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Custom agent header slot problem

Custom agent “Specific Status” header slots, as shown under Header button does not update according to slots under Edit. button. For creating alarm types you can only access the status bit names under “Specific Status” but as they do not update the alarms do not work. How else can I alarm the custom agents or otherwise fix the problem with the updating?

Custom agent header slots cannot be changed via the configuration dialog. Rather, they are changed via the internal script (if a script engine is used as part of the custom agent) OR via a direct putslot (for example: @scanning, a mimic/graphic form behavior, putslot.exe etc.)

An example of changing the header slot via it’s own script if a specific condition occurs:

Or setting the slot directly via putslot.exe:


Custom agent header slots can be alarmed similar to other agents.

A comprehensive example of how to create a custom agent, with an example script is provided as part of the help documentation (Press F1->Search->Custom Agent)