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Google Chrome displaying incorrect date format within SSRS Reports

If you prefer viewing your SSRS Report within Google Chrome, and have incorrect date and time formats, please read through the below information:

SQL and Report Builder inherit regional settings, including date, time, and language, from the PC running them. It is therefore important to check that your computer and server’s regional settings are the same as the location you are currently in or operating from. You can check and edit the regional settings of a PC running Windows by: Pressing Windows logo key + S > Typing in “Region” > Left-clicking on “Region settings” from the search results.

Once you have confirmed that your PC regional settings are correct, the next step is to check if your SQL Server Reporting Services Report (SSRS) date and time format is the same within Google Chrome. If not, please make sure by viewing the Report within Internet Explorer (IE), as it uses the exact region settings set on your PC. If the date and time format is incorrect within IE, please double check your regional and language settings.


For some reason, Google Chrome may not inherit the correct regional settings from your PC or server. To fix this, you will have to do the following, also make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed: Open Chrome > Left-click three dots on the top right > Left-click “Settings” > Left-click “Advanced” on the left side > Left-click “Languages” > “Language” > “Add languages” > Add the correct language > Left-click the three dots next to language selected > Tick the “Display Google Chrome in this language” box > Left-click “Relaunch”.

Your Google Chrome should now restart, make sure to clear browsing data and save / close any open tabs, reload and log into your SSRS Report and the format should be correct.