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Graphic Form Security

It is possible to change any property of a control or vector on a graphic form based on a user or group.

For example, it is possible to set a button to disabled by default and only enable it for a specific user or group.


  1. Enable Security for the Button:
  2. Set the “Enabled” property to false (i.e. this control will be disabled by default)
  3. Select the Form and navigate to the “Security” property
  4. Select a specific User or Group and configure the properties accordingly. In this case, we could change the “Enabled” property to “True” for the Administrators group for example.
  5. Now, when any member of the “Administrators” group log in, this button will be Enabled. For all other cases it will be Disabled.

The same principle can be applied to change any property based on a user or group.