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HASP Driver Uninstall and Reinstall (-purge)

Sometimes the normal "haspdinst -r " doesn’t remove all the HASP drivers fully and therefore any subsequent install of the HASP drivers also doesn’t work.

If that is the case then you can follow this procedure to fully remove the drivers and reinstall it again.

1.Unplug HASP
2.Open Command Prompt. Go the the folder by typing "cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Adroit Technologies\Common"
3.haspdinst –purge = this is to clear the drivers
4.Download latest HASP driver from our website : Select: Downloads  Product Installs  Latest Versions. In here you will find the latest HASP driver Link for version 8 LatestHaspDrivers
5.Install LatestHASPDrivers.exe now.
4.Restart PC
5. Plug HASP back in.
6. Start Adroit Server


Is this required if you have been using a demo license?, I keep getting demo license is going to expire.

Kind Regards

Hi Morne,
Demo license is going to work for 2 hours, after that You need to restart services.

If You plugged in HASP, then restart Your services and check if it discovered correctly the license. If it didn’t, then use above instruction.

A recent windows update has caused a breaking incompatibility with the Hasp driver that is shipped with Adroit versions up to and MAPS

The failure can be prevented by manually installing a later hasp driver which can be downloaded from Sentinel directly or through the link below:


To install the drive this executable must be executed on an elevated (administrative) command line with the “-I” switch

If this version is present already, the Adroit installer should detect it and skip the step of installing the old hasp driver thus mitigating the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).