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Hasp drivers and the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

Due to recent Windows updates particularly on the Windows 10 platform older Hasp drivers (pre 8.11) have been rendered incompatible and installing them causes the system to crash with the BSOD.

Legacy installs of Adroit ( and earlier) as well as the current MAPS release ( will attempt to install an earlier version of the hasp driver which will cause a BSOD depending on your operating systems level of update.

The latest Adroit ( and the soon to be released MAPS ( address the issue by installing version 8.11 of the hasp driver which is compatible with recent Windows updates.

If you are installing an earlier version of Adroit or MAPS then the hasp drivers must be updated prior to running the install which will not attempt to install older hasp drivers in that case.
The newer hasp driver is available on our website in the downloads section under drivers.
Alternatively the hasp driver can be downloaded directly from Sentinel’s website.

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