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How to connect AMA(Alarm Management Agent) to Sql Database

To connect AMA (Alarm Management Agent) to a SQL Database, the following steps are applied:

• Create SQL Database i.e. AMA_TEST.
• Create Adroit AMA Agent i.e. AMA_TEST.
• Configure Adroit AMA agent in the Adroit Alarming System.


• Go back to the AMA Agent and click “Start Alarm Management agent”.

• Click Update Button - Adroit will establish connection to the SQL Server Automatically.

• Click Refresh Button – AMA Agent will show “Root” Icon

Important: If Adroit AMA System is already created and connected to a database and would like to change SQL Database connection then Agent Server Restart is required.
This is because Adroit System is connected to a SQL Database and will not allow dropping the existing connection and connecting to a new SQL Database unless you restart the Agent Server.

Note: This is by design.