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How to convert SVG to XAML and use in your project

There are many public libraries containing free SVG graphics. To use these graphics you need to:

  1. Convert the SVG file to a XML (XAML) file
  2. Import the XAML file into the Designer

To convert the SVG file to a XML file you can use the following program: SVG2XAML.zip (163.6 KB)
This is a command line tool, which you can use to convert one SVG file:

SVG2XAML myfile.svg

Which will convert the file to


in the same folder.



which will convert all the SVG files in the current folder. A source folder can also be specified as a parameter as:

SVG2XAML /r SourceFileOrFolder

Once the XAML file has been created, simply import it in the Designer to work with it:

NOT ALL SVG FILES ARE SUPPORTED. If a file does not convert correctly, try and understand the error message to fix the underlying SVG or use another SVG document.

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Hi!, it seems like the program is removed. is there another way to do this nowdays?

Hi Anders,
Try this tool https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=36180
Open Your desired graphic and then export it to silverlight format which is actually xaml.
You can even ctrl+c ctrl+v graphics to Microsoft Expression Design from another opened vector tool like Inkscape or similar

The above SVG2XAML download link has been updated.

NOTE that it is also possible to save Microsoft Visio drawings to XAML:

Step 1: Create drawing

Step 2: Save drawing as HTML


Step 3 - Browse to the folder where the drawing has been saved to

There will be a series of XAML files that represent the Microsoft Visio Drawings: