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How to create a group of radio buttons in a custom format

I would like to know if it is possible to create a set of radio buttons in a custom format.
To explain better, we would like to create a circular menu where the user can select an area of a wheel. It should have at least 24 positions divided into 360 degrees, as shown in this image. Only one area can be selected at a time.


Any ideas how to create that in Adroit 10 Smart UI?




Any ideas?


Yes, this is entirely possible.

  1. Draw OR Import (as XAML) the 24 section vector as a baseline graphic
  2. If it is imported, ensure that each of the 24 sections have a unique name
    OR if it is imported as a background, draw 24 additional splines/polylines within this background and ensure each has a unique name
  3. If the colors / selections are set globally, they can be configured using normal behaviors and data elements from the server:


  1. If the selection needs to be set per client, this can be done through a script.
  • Ensure that the vector is available from the script, by setting ExposeToScript = True

  • Script example(vector name is ‘option1’ in this example) :

  • An example graphic form can be downloaded here:
    VectorAnimation.viz (33.1 KB)