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How to launch multiple Adroit Classic UIs without the UAC popup

Each time when the Adroit Classic UI is opened, the UAC popup window requires someone to press OK. This can be nuisance for customers which requires Adroit UIs to automatically startup, specifically if you have more than one UI on the same computer.

In the past, it used to be that you create a command file that launch the Adroit UI or multiple Adroit UIs on different monitors. Now, to get around it, you can use Windows Task Scheduler which you can configure to launch at Windows startup, user login or specific time. There is however one important setting you must switch on. This is on the first tab when you create a new task. At the bottom left, there is a setting, “Run with highest privileges”. Enable this. Then configure your Trigger and Action (launch Adroit Classic UI).


If you have multiple Adroit UIs that need to be opened, you must create one task for each Adroit UI to open.