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How to retrieve the Alarm history of a project

[This article applies to Adroit 8.3, MAPS 3.3 and higher]

There are various ways to retrieve the alarm history for a project, below we will discuss two of these mechanisms:

1. Using the Alarm Management Agent

  • This is the most comprehensive mechanism and also the most detailed. The Alarm Management Agent is described in detail in the product documentation.

However, if you just want a view of your alarm history, and being able to search and filter on this history here is a way of doing it:

2. Using the EventViewer control

By default, alarms are routed to the Windows Event Log on which the Agent Server resides. The information for each alarm is contained in the Message, SubSource, Value and Alarm type msg columns.

When the EventViewer control is dropped on the form, it automatically connects to the EventLog datasource, and binds to the Adroit events in the Application category.

This control can then be used to filter on various Adroit events, including alarm entries and acknowledgements:

An example of this graphic form can be downloaded here:

Alarm History Graphic Form

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In Adroit 8.4, MAPS 3.4 and higher, the Alarm History control (available in the Designer Toolbox), can also be used for easy retrieval of historical alarm information.

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Using Historical Alarm Viewer to retrieve Alarm history from Alarm Management Agent

Firstly, you will need to create an OLEDB Data source to link up to your Alarm Management database that your Alarm Management Agent is writing too.

Secondly, open a new graphic form and find the HistoricalAlarmViewer control in the toolbox under the Adroit category.


Drop the HistoricalAlarmViewer control onto your graphic form and select the OLEDB Data source linked to your Alarm Management database as below:

You should get similar results in the HistoricalAlarmViewer control in runtime or Operator:

Retrieval should be quick and the HistoricalAlarmViewer control provides paging, advanced filtering, sorting and grouping of the viewed data.

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