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Issue with agent value sync when using aliasing

I have a TGO that opens a faceplate when I click on a motor. I am using alias tags. Sometimes when I click on “Reset” button, the “Inverter Resets” in reality but the faceplate shows its not reset. Until I click on that motor again and then I see it has reset. This happens with alias tags only, and scan time is 500ms for all agents.

The faceplate is like this

What Logic sits behind displaying reset state and what logic sits behind enabling it? Is it the same tag?
Even if you wait for longer moment it won’t refresh until eventually clicking again?

Hi Damian, logic is straight forward. You click the button, it resets the drive. When I open Adroit excel add in > Report > monitor the same tag I see value toggling there. However on the TGO the value doesnt change. THIS HAPPENS 4 OUT OF 10 TIMES APPROX.

Once again big chance there is something to fix in the spider environment, maybe event on which the graphic gets updated with. You would need to post spider env screenshot or send the viz graphic form itself to Adroit support

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