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List of Logged In Users


we have a system where there is a central server and 4 operator terminals that are around 1km appart the system has multiple users with different roles, I am looking to create a screen that will allow each user to see if there are other users logged on at the other terminals, and display the user name.

Is there a way to display this information?


There is a list of active users in System Information.System Management screen - would that fit your needs?

The system Information screen looks good, although I would like to hide the IP address column? I am struggling to see where the columns are defined in this screen.

The System Information graphic form retrieves the Client Details as a DataTable from the “System” DataSource. Filtering of this DataTable can be done via a script.

For example, to display only the username:

DataElementCollection dec = DataElementEngine.NewDataElementCollection();
        DataElement de = DataElementEngine.NewDataElement("System.Clients");
        MethodReturnInfo info = MyConnection.ReadDataElements(dec);
        if (info.Success)
            DataElementCollection returnDec = info.ReturnObject as DataElementCollection;                
            DataElement returnDe = returnDec["System.Clients"] as DataElement;
            if (returnDe != null && returnDe.Value != null)
                dgvClients.DataSource = returnDe.Value;
                foreach (DataGridViewColumn col in dgvClients.Columns)
                    if (!col.DataPropertyName.ToLower.Equals("username"))
                        col.Visible = false;

            MessageBox.Show("Error: " + info.ReturnInformation);

A sample graphic form is also attached below. This graphic form allows for the filtering on any of the columns by typing them into the text box. This text box is also only visible at Design Time so it will not be visible during runtime.



This sample graphic form can be downloaded here:
LoggedInUsers.Viz (11.9 KB)