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MAPS Designer keeps refreshing

Hi all,
My MAPS designer screen (all menus, all graphic forms) keep refreshing every 2-3 seconds. The problem is I am not able to rename forms (I type something and it gets lost the next second), not able to select agents (because screen keeps on refreshing and I lose the selected agent). It started refreshing today, I do not remember of changing any related settings. Please help.

What antivirus do you have? I remember this happened to me when using different antivirus than windows defender

Hi Damian, It is McAfee.
PS: Matt says Hi.

Hi to both of you and happy holidays:)
It’s highly possible it’s McAfee sandboxing functionality. Try disabling it completely for test, if it will work, I would consider adding whole maps folder to exception list

Hi Damian, I disabled antivirus, it did not work. Added MAPS to exception list, it did not work. Uninstalled McAfee, still it did not work. So I reckon it has to be some setting within MAPS that I changed but can not find it out :frowning:

Hi Damian,
I was playing around. I started removing other not in use projects. It did not help. Then I started removing Datasources. And the moment I deleted Datasource > Alarms, it stopped refreshing. I don’t know what settings I changed in Alarms, but that was the reason for Designer to keep refreshing perodically.

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