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MAPS Multiple monitors


I need some help understanding multiple monitors setup in MAPS.
I looking for a solution to show different pages in every screen but it seems like I need to have two logins for that? When I am doing this it takes two licens.

How to open multiple Operators across multiple screens - SmartUI - Features, discussions, tips, tricks, questions, problems and feedback (adroittechnologiesautomation.com)

The second way to go seems to be this:
How to design a graphic form to cover multiple monitors (multiple screens) - SmartUI - Features, discussions, tips, tricks, questions, problems and feedback (adroittechnologiesautomation.com)
Then you manually need to drag the window over the second screen!?

Multiple monitors in a scada system most be very common these days so it must be tested many times with MAPS/Adroit?

Projects spanning multiple monitors are fully supported. You are also able to define your own custom resolution and layout with each monitor showing a different graphic form, if required. Also - there is no need to manually drag any screen over to another display.

To do this you will need to define your graphic form resolution to span multiple monitors and make use of template graphic objects (TGO).

It is described in more detail here:

Thanks for the reply!

I am following your guide and have some question.

The new form (3840x1080) will only open on the default screen, I can only manually move ande change size to fit both screens.

I guess this is the solution?

Next question is where do i put this code? Under “Launch script editor”?

For the basic configuration, you do not require any scripting. You can configure it as part of a profile. Below is one example:




Thanks again Frits!
Yes this woorks. But I’m not really satisfied with this solution.

It opens in Window mode so I need to set - in “startuplocation” to hide the titelbar.
I am using my old 1920x1080 pages in this dual form 3840x1080 but the titelbar at the top takes some pixel of this 1080. So i need to scroll a little bit.

Is there a solution to hide the window/titlebar?

On other thing, if the operator happens to move the window it is a little bit tricky to restore it to the original position.


The code below should work to hide the titlebar of the MAPS Operator. This will need to be added into the graphic form script of the default or main landing page of your project i.e. the first graphic form that is open when the Operator is launched.

You just need to include the line:

    ((Form)((UserControl)VIZNET.UI.Runtime.ObjectManager.GetInstance().VIZNETMain).Parent).FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None;


In the Main method of you code as below:

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The following sample form can be downloaded as an example to change the Form Location or the Form Border Style:


Download here:SampleForm.viz (16.2 KB)

Works really good now, exactly what I was looking for.

It might also be worth mentioning that if you have a non rectangular layout, such as an Inverted T, it is still possible to open MAPS screens on all of the displays.

Set up the default screen to open on the left most screen, using the methods described in this thread. Then add a spider to the default screen that can open additional graphic forms on the remaining screen(s).

Depending on the location of the screens, it might be required to use minus values to set the location. these coordinates are referenced to the top left corner of the default screen that was opened first.


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