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Maps Project Protection

How is the maps project protected against copying and modification?

We want the Maps project used on the computer to not be copied in any way. Also, we want no changes to be made.

This project was created in Hmi Mode. (Maps Version

How can we do what we want?

Hi Burak,
In designer, You can right click on the project and set password on it. This way, all the .viz files will get protected and they will be hashed so even opening in binary reader won’t be readable.

This is modification-protection. The copy protection, as MAPS works on Windows, has to be on the Windows-level (since any file eventually can be copied in Windows if the security on users is not set correctly).

For wgp file and installation folders we recommend using Windows File protection in permissions settings of Windows File Explorer (there is also additionally, encrypt option). In other word, please setup Your windows system so the folders which are sensitive will be locked down from any other users than Your own. Then just remember to start agentserver service with this user, which has priviledges set to these files.