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MAPS unused agents

Hi all,
Is there any way to know which scanned agents are unused? I need to delete all the unused agents to add new agents.

Hi Shrinivas,

In the configurator you can select an agent and then press the menu “Options -> Used By” to see a list of other agents the scanned agent is used . Naturally it will list the scanning as one of the agents it is used at but you should see any other agents it is used at as well.
This functionality does not show if the agent is used in a script somewhere nor if it is used on a graphic form but only shows if it is used in any other agent.

Hi Carl,
Is there a way to do this in bulk?

I think you can try to delete tags using excel addin - if they are scanned excel add in will throw error so this could be the fastest way - bulk select analogs and delete and then click ok on the thrown errors that they are used somewhere else.
Make sure to backup before doing that!


Not from built-in functionality. A possible script could be written to achieve this in bulk somehow.

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