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New Adroit Web View browser control based on Microsoft Edge WebView2 (Chromium)

Adroit Web View browser control based on Microsoft Edge WebView2 (Chromium)

We have been busy developing a prototype web browser control for Adroit Smart UI/MAPS called Adroit Web View. The current Microsoft Web Browser control only supports rendering in Internet Explorer, which has been discontinued as of 15th of June 2022.

This new prototype Adroit Web View browser control is based on the new Microsoft Edge WebView2 (Chromium) API and thus is rendered using Chromium.

This is perfect for displaying the new Performance Anywhere as it does not support Internet Explorer anymore but Google Chrome, New Microsoft Edge and any other similar browsers based on Chromium

This prototype control is currently unsupported at the moment, but will eventually be available in the product in a future release.

NB: The pre-requisites are to:

  • Download and install the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime which is found here:
    Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/
    The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime files will be added to the Adroit Web View at a later stage instead of installing it.
  • (Optional) Download and install the New Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) on the Client OS. New Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) is preinstalled on Windows 11 by default. The download for this can be found here:
    New Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge

The linked zip file below will need to be extracted in the main Smart UI/MAPS root folder. The dlls will then be found under the *\plugin\Adroit* folder in the main Smart UI/MAPS root folder after the extraction process. Next, make sure that the dlls are not blocked by right-clicking on them, then clicking Properties and check Unblock. You will need to check all dlls below:


You will need to manually add the Adroit Web View control to the toolbox via the toolbox right-click Add Controls option and it should show up under the Adroit category after adding it as below:



Download the new Adroit Web View control below here:

Adroit Web View Control v5

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime:

Please post any suggestions or features you would like in the control below.

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