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Number 0f OEE agents

Hi all,

I was logging OEE data from “Line_1_OEE” agent. And database tables and data log was working fine. Now I have added one more OEE agent “Line_2_OEE” , but I cant see tables created in new database for “Line_2_OEE” agent. Moreover “Line_1_OEE” database also stopped working. I checked my license and cant find how many OEE agents I can configure. I want to log data from both OEE agents (same database or different database doesnt matter). please help me with this.

Can you post screenshot of stuff you see in agent configurator-> type of agent Hasp-> license?

Hi Damian, please see attachedScreenshot%202023-02-07%20144055

From here it looks like you don’t have oee licensed so only 1 agent would work, however, this is screenshot from license manager, not the license Agent. Can you post that as well to be sure?

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Hi Damian, this is what I see

Hi Shrinivas. It looks like you are not licensed for OEE agents. The reason why one worked, is because MAPS gets shipped with one for free to try out. If you want to use more, you need to be licensed for it.

Hi Damian, is there a way to use two different HASP licenses simultaneously. We have 1 license with “5 OEE agents,30 scan points” and another license with “1 OEE agent and 1500 scan points”. When I plug in them both only 1 license works.