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Picture Properties Template

Hello, I am working on my first Adroit project (Classic UI).

I’m looking for information on the usage of Picture Properties (Mimics), Template tab as it looks like it has the means to setup dynamic popups for motor control but, I am unable to figure it out.

My goal would be to be able to click on object, or button on the main page which will open a dynamic popup. Tags within the popup will be altered using the “enable substitution, use group” in the Execute command behavior.

Thank you in advance!

Anyone have a moment that may know how this works? Thanks

The Template Tab is the correct place to use for dynamic popups.
Dynamic popups and tag substitution are discussed in more detail in the help documentation. Classic UI Help documentation is not shipped by default in the latest releases of the products, but can be downloaded here: adroit.chm (9.9 MB)

Note - In the Classic UI, each substitution set has to be manually provided at Design Time. For every new substitution, this has to be done for all mimics. In the SmartUI this is done dynamically at runtime and new substitutions are automatically supported.