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Prevent Pop Ups from covering the Alarm Screen

I have been asked if I can make a portion of the screen containing the Alarm List “protected” so that operators cannot obscure the Alarm lists with a popup window.

The customer seems to think that this is possible in other SCADA packages that they have, but i have been unable to find any information on this functionality in MAPS.

Has anyone tried this before??

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I would consider opening modeless form in separate window with alarm list and put it into “always on top” option.

Other way would be to design the interface in a way everything is in templateGOs and switches forms rather than using popups

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Thanks I will try this.

I have trailed putting the alarms on a popup and an am quite happy with the results, currently I am opening this screen with a onscreen button, I would like to have this open as soon as the user logs in.
Is there a way to open the popup automatically along with our other background Graphic Form? (this is a multiscreen application)

Try using any of these methods How to open a graphic form from script

You might also be interested in this How to open alarm graphic form when any alarm occurs via script