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RN denotation in Expression

Hi all,

I’m going through expression tags trying to understand what they are doing and I cannot find anything on the ‘RN’ keyword.

Here is an AI’s guess on what it is:

In this expression, RN likely stands for "Register Number" or "Register Notation".
The RN suffix is often used in Adroit expressions to indicate that the preceding value is a register number, rather than a literal value.
In this specific expression, 1RN likely means "register number 1". So, the expression v99-1RN would subtract the value of register 1 from the value of v99.

Here is an example expression


RN is not an allowed keyword. This expression will not evaluate correctly and will possibly always return 0.

(RN is also not possible to type into the expression agent dialog, as all characters are lower case, so this may have been done by editing the WGP file directly, however, RN will not evaluate and is not a keyword for expressions).