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Runtime Filtering of Real-Time Alarms in the Alarm Viewer

Run-time filtering of real-time alarms can be configured through the spider engine. This configuration can either be part of a template (to display alarms specific to a single device only for example), or configured during design time:

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I An example of Alarm filtering can be downloaded in the links below. This example shows how a popup can be used as a Graphic Form Template. This example filters on the “Agent Tag” field of the Alarm Viewer. It could easily be changed to filter on any of the Alarm Columns (another Alias could also be used as the filter string instead.)

Quick explanation:

The graphic form is a simple example where a text value can be used as a filter string:


This is configured by linking the “Text” property of the Textbox to an Alias created on the Template Graphic Form.


On the template Graphic Form, the Alias is sent to a StringFormat Spider in order to create the correct Filter String:


The sample AlarmFilter.viz (19.4 KB) AlarmTemplate.viz (25.4 KB) graphic forms can be downloaded here.

[Note that the txtAlarmFilterString TextBox Property Spider is triggered from the TextChanged event. For more on property spiders and triggering, refer to this article: Property Spiders and Triggering]

[For more possibilities also refer to the Advanced Alarm Viewer AdvancedAlarmViewer - a custom control for current and historical alarm display]