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Saving Profile From Operator to Server

How to save profile from Operator Runtime to Server when user opened authentification form?
The saved Login profile in “Create connection” form exists only at operator PC and doesn’t exist at Server, thus I can’t edit saved profile.
Detected servers window is empty also.
It should mean the saving can’t be completed through any reasons.
I need in assignment set of start pages (multimonitor) to two different login profiles.
I’m working in demo mode currently, the licensing will be accessible after fixing all of bugs (2 servers, 5 clients). Can I check described feature in demo mode?

There are 2 types of profiles:

  1. Operator profiles -> these are configurable in enterprise manager of designer and assigned to separate users/groups. For that check
  1. Connection profiles -> these are just profiles containing ip of server and eventually username and password if you wish. These profiles are saved directly on operator side when clicking “change” on logging screen and setting up the connection. Server discovery works if proper ports in firewall are opened and machines are configured in the same domain.