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Setting up a connection between FX5U PLC and Adroit - a concise version procedure

This is a simplified inter-device communication setup - in this case between Adroit SCADA and FX5.
First - the FX5 Setup via GX Works3.
Start GX Works3 and open the project applicable.

In GX Works 3 on the left in the Navigation menu go to Ethernet Port

Insert the IP Address and Subnet Mask of the network that you’re using.
Double click on the at the bottom “ External Device Configuration

The following window will open up.
On the right-hand side under Module list click and drag the SLMP Connection to the main window
Once dragged in it will display. Enter the Port Number used. By default enter 1280.
Click “Close with Reflecting the Settings”

Click Check and then Apply
Write the new program to the PLC

This the setup on the Mits FX5 side completed.

Now to move over to the Adroit SCADA side:
Second - The Adroit Setup:
Open the Adroit Configuration Setup --> Tab Drivers
Install the Driver called “ Mitsubishi Q, QnA, L, R, and iQF Series Ethernet(3E Frames) Driver”
Create a new Device (This instance is called it FX5U in this case)

Open the device
Select FX5 and enter the IP Address
You can then ping and Read Address from the PLC

From here the communication configuration is complete and communication should resume normally.