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SQL Log for Analog Agent Disabled

Good day,

l would like to log the values for my analog agent using The Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I have succeeded at this with the alarmmanagement tag. The tutorial l am following shows that there is an SQL button on the datasource edit field. There is no such button on my editor. How do l enable this button? l have also attempted to add a new datasource for the OLE DB in the Smart UI and it connects successfully to the database but not to the server. My end goal here is to log all my analog agents in the SQL database along with the alarms associated with it.

Kindly assist

For logging Agent values to SQL (Analog, Digital etc.) the DBLOG agent can be used.

If the values should also be provided in Trends, remember to datalog them using the Log button available on each Agent dialog as well.

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Thank you @Fritts.
I was successful in writing the values to the SQL database, however, l am getting a Failed to Retrieve! pop up when l want to read from it. I am using the created tag.value datalog. How do l now use what is being written to the db in Smart UI?
For trending, when l log from the analog agent it suggests that l do so using dblog instead. Should l use a different database for this function or set a new data source?

  • To retrieve data from the database that has been logged using DBLog, the OleDB datasource can be used.
  • Trends do not use data that has been logged by the DBLOG agent. For trends use the native logging (provided by the “log” button on each agent in the Configurator).

More information can be found here as well: